Thursday, February 12, 2009

Posters on the Hill or A Complete Waste of My Day.

So I was supposed to go present research at Utah's capital today. In general it was the suck. My schools Office of Undergraduate Research is a shit show, e.g. they could not print off a png of my poster. We pretty much showed up to be puppets for the legislature.

Anyways, about halfway through the session some protesters came along to make my day even more pleasant. Apparently, our governor has mentioned that he is in support of civil unions for everyone, so the idiots came out in full force to demonstrate that he must be shamed.

These assholes got right in front of my Astrobiology presentation.

Here is the whois for their shitty website:

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
America Forever Foundation
NA NA ()

2825 E. Cottonwood Pkwy. Suite 500
S.L.C, UT 84121

Administrative Contact:
Jonas Filho (banala29@HOTMAIL.COM)
Fax: 999 999 9999
America Forever Foundation
SALT LAKE CTY, UT 84121-7060

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Chino Blanco said...


I'm beginning to suspect that the America Forever crew (which is mostly Sandra Rodrigues and her family) is coordinating with Gayle Ruzicka and the Eagle Forum.

I assume you've heard about or seen the full-page ad that the America Forever haters took out in the Salt Lake Tribune?

It wouldn't be surprising to find out that somebody gave them a quick injection of funds as part of a PR scheme meant to improve public perception of the Eagle Forum's anti-gay rhetoric by making it suddenly sound less extreme when compared to the undiluted hate speech coming from America Forever.